Kartera (KART) Tokenomics

  • Governance of the protocol, making proposal, voting on proposals.
  • Mode of payment (Toll) to withdraw from the basket. Anyone who want to deposit their basket tokens in exchange for constituents are required to pay KART tokens as fee.
  • Initially the fee is set at 1KART/$100 notional withdrawal.
  • 0.05% of all swap trade size will be distributed to KART holders.
  • KART is the currency to pay for fees to withdraw constituents from basket. This creates demand for KART tokens.
  • Every block KART token are minted and distributed to holder of basket tokens.
  • 50 million tokens will be minted in the 50,000 block starting at block #12173285. Tokens locked in the Swap Farm.
  • This is to offer incentives early adopter of the protocol
  • After block #12223285 tokens will be minted at 100 /per block
  • Community can decide to lower mint rate further
  • 10 million tokens minted to be used in part towards marketing incentives and make markets on exchanges.
  • 100 million tokens minted and put in a 3 year time lock towards Creator and Developer fund.




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